Tack Cloths

Tack Cloths

The CTS range of Tack Cloths includes products manufactured from natural cotton, or from synthetic materials depending on the end use. They are supplied individually bagged or bulk-packed for volume use. CTS Tack Cloths are impregnated with an adhesive so that during the pre-paint stage all traces of dust and dirt can be safely removed by lightly wiping the surface to be painted with the Tack Cloth. This ensures a perfect, contaminant free paint finish and avoids costly rejects that may then need costly stripping and repainting. CTS Tack Cloths have sealed edges to avoid the risk of any lint being left on the surface. The impregnating adhesive used is compatible with all paints.

The ability of CTS Tack Cloths to trap dust has been recognised by Industries where escaping dust could be dangerous both to people, or the environment. In the Building and Construction Industry CTS Tack Cloths are used to trap and dispose of asbestos dust where buildings are being demolished or up-graded. In the Nuclear Power Generation Industry they are being used to pick up low level dust that may be hazardous.

Conventional tack cloths

T-600Standard tack, standard size. Ideal for asbestos or nuclear use.
T-610Double size, standard tack
T-620Light tack, standard size, Ideal for automotive use
T-630Light tack, double size
T-640Textured tack cloth

Synthetic tack cloths

T-650White, synthetic non-woven. Ideal for automotive use.
T-659White, light tack, woven synthetic. Superior tough fabric withvlight impregnation which is ideal for use under water based and metallic coatings. Ideal for automotive and plastic coaters.

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