CTS have been supplying peelable-coatings for spray booth protection for over 35 years. The “Plastipeel®” range is a natural development from these products for customers who want to protect their components during manufacture, transportation and installation. Unlike layers of plastic sheeting, Plastipeel® can be applied to curved and complex surfaces where the, typically, spray applied plastic layer “clings on” like the paint layer that it is, yet can be gently peeled off once the protective film is no longer needed.

Because “Plastipeel®” is intimately applied and bonded like paint it is safe for movement by open top commercial vehicles without the risk of peeling off prematurely halfway down a Motorway!

“Plastipeel®” is available in various technologies, depending on the performance demanded of the coating. Plastipeel products perform well on most plastics, including GRP (e.g. Decking), ceramics, glass, most metals as well as painted surfaces. Because there is considerable variation in the bonding to different surfaces, Plastipeel® products can have the surface release properties optimised for specific demands.

Plastipeel® C-800High performance polyurethane polymers are used where the toughest most water resistant properties are demanded. Polyurethanes are tough, highly resistant to the weather, water, salt and other chemicals, and provide a tough scuff resistant surface.
Plastipeel® C-820These products are lower cost than the C-800 products but still provide a high degree of water resistance. They are based on acrylic polymers.
Plastipeel® C-850When protection from mechanical damage is all that is required Plastipeel® 850 provides the lowest cost option.

Plastipeel® provides a simple method of protecting plastic and painted components with an easily removable plastic layer.

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