Paint removers

Paint removers

CTS have been supplying DCM based paint removers for over 30 years. Unfortunately there are special hazards from the use of DCM. The problem is that DCM gives off a heavier than air vapour that has the potential to asphyxiate people. A number of deaths by asphyxiation have occurred from this vapour when DCM based strippers have been used in cellars and stairwells; as a result there is a new EC ruling to restrict its use.

Decision no 455/2009/EC bans the sale of DCM based paint removers from December 2011. From December 2012 sale of DCM based paint removers has also been banned from “professional” users (this means painters and decorators) although there is the possibility that certified trained professional users may be made exempt. Industrial users are not restricted as they are subject to using the appropriate measures (PPE and extraction, monitoring etc.).

We at Coatings Technologies have therefore been developing alternative systems to compliment the current DCM based products as follows.

Application Paint Removers

C-160Paint Remover for Metal. This is our traditional acid activated DCM based cold paint remover supplied as a Gel for brush application on awkward areas. C-160 is free of dangerous phenols and free of HF.
C-165Paint Remover for Wood. This product is a traditional alcohol activated DCM based cold paint remover Gel that is designed for use on wood. It is acid free.
C-400“Jelly Strip”. This new acetal based gel type paint remover is free of DCM and is a rapid acting alternative to C-160. C-160 is based on flammable liquids.

Immersion Paint Removers used cold

C-166“Dip Strip”. This DCM based acid activated immersion paint remover is used with a water seal to minimise evaporative losses without a significant drop in performance.
C-167Dip or flood applied paint remover. This DCM based acid activated paint remover has a wax seal to minimise solvent losses and avoids any loss of stripping rate due to activator dilution in heavily applied water seals.

Immersion DCM free paint removers used hot

C-440/441This is an alkali activated, two component DCM free paint remover. It is used hot to remove paint and powder coatings from steel and light metals.
C-460This is a rapid acting, DCM free paint remover used diluted with water and at 70 -80°C. A single layer of paint or powder coating is typically removed in under 30 minutes.

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