CILBOND is range a of high-performance primers and bonding agents, designed to chemically bond rubber and polyurethane elastomers during the moulding / casting processes to a variety of substrates including metals, plastics and fabrics. Kommerling UK is also a pioneer of one-coat bonding agent technology, with products that combine primer and top-coat technologies for all rubber and urethane types.

Rubber / Metal Bonding

Cilbond 10EOne coat bonding system for a range of rubber and plastic compounds. Ideal for injection moulding.
Cilbond 12EHigh performance primer system. Used under Cilbond 80ET has outstanding chemical and environmental resistance.
Cilbond 20High performance one coat system for bonding Vamac G and NR. Developed for use in Torsional Vibration Dampers (TVD) where in service temperatures can reach > 200C. compounds
Cilbond 24The premier one coat bonding system with exceptional resistance to fluids such as fuels, antifreeze, boiling water etc. Ideal for engine mounts, suspension mounts, hydromounts, TVD’s and hoses
Cilbond 80ETCB 80ET is a high performance solvent based cover coat bonding agent for a wide range of rubber compounds.
Cilbond 89CB 89 is a high-performance solvent based bonding,agent for a wide range of rubber compounds by conventional or post vulcanisation moulding techniques. It’s flexibility and adhesion to yarns makes it ideal for timing belts, hoses etc.
Cilbond 62WVirtually solvent free water based product. CB 62W will act as a one coat bonding agent for polar elastomers to metal and plastics. CB 62W can also be used for two-layer bonding under CB80.

Urethane Bonding

Cilbond 41Single coat system for low temperature castable PU elastomers, foams and RIM systems
Cilbond 45SFThe industry standard for hot cure PU and TPU.
Cilbond 48Fast drying, general purpose PU bonding agent. No prebake required.
Cilbond 49SFDeveloped from Cilbond 45SF, CB49SF sets the standard for high performance where good hydrolysis and corrosion resistance is required

Fluoro-elastomers Bonding

Cilbond 33 A / Cilbond 33BA two-component system for single layer bonding for the toughest applications such as oil seals, shaft seals, gaskets, valve seals and rollers

Silicone Rubber Bonding

Cilbond 36B36 is a one-component system for bonding silicone rubbers to metal and fabric.
Cilbond 65WCB 65W is a water-based one-component bonding agent for silicone rubber, peroxide-cured fluoroelastomers and HNBR’s, and ACM compounds. Recommended for use in silicone hoses, gaskets, oil-seals, TVD’s and rollers

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