Anti-Viral Products

Anti-Viral Products

Alcohol based products:

Alcohols such as Isopropanol and ethanol are recognised as being particularly effective at destroying viruses such as Covid-19. The World Health Organisation (WHO) have issued two recomended formulations for use as hand sanitisers. Coating Technologies have been approved to supply the second formulation that is based on isopropyl alcohol. Our reference is C-19WHO2.

We can also supply a commercial hard surface cleaning wipe called W-711 that is impregnated with high purity undiluted isopropanol.

Alcohol free products:

We produce a solution of quaternary ammonium compounds that is used on a wipe to sanitise hard surfaces.

C-19WHO2World Health Organisation formulation (2) using isopropyl alcohol
C-910A water based solution of quaternary ammonium compounds for spray disinfecting the inside of trucks and agricultural vehicles as well as any other hard surfaces where viruses may be present
W-711An alcohol based wipe impregnated with 100% rubbing alcohol (isopropanol) for wiping down any hard surface, door handles, super market trolleys etc.
W-900A water based solution of quaternary ammonium compound solution impregnated onto a non woven wiper cloth for sanitising hard surfaces, paintwork, door handles etc.

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