Posted by Andy Thomas on April 13, 2020

Spring 2020: Coronavirus update

As a maker of chemical preparations, Coating Technologies Ltd is continuing to operate. We have split our work-force into two teams, just in case one team gets the virus, then the other team can carry on.

Our sales office personnel are working from home and may be difficult to reach by phone so where possible communicate by e-mail to:

In an emergency Andy Thomas can be reached on 07442 492260

Please also be aware that the demand for cleansing/sterilisation products in the market-place is putting an intolerable strain on the supply chain. The price of iso-propanol for example is now five times higher than it was a month ago. This will then affect products derived from these alcohols (e.g. acetone, MEK etc). I predict difficulties in getting supplies in the coming months therefore I suggest you maintain high stocks of any chemical product you use (regardless of supplier).

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