Posted by Andy Thomas on April 28, 2020

Solutions to beat dangerous viruses

Please be advised that alcohols such as isopropanol and ethanol are recognised as being particularly effective at destroying virus’ such as Covid -19. For some time we have been selling Wipes impregnated with high purity undiluted isopropanol, called W-711

This means we have a standard product that can be used to wipe down hard surfaces such as door handles, work tops, desks, phones etc to help make them safe to use.

C-19WHO2 is the world health organisation alcohol based handrub. We manufacture and supply the isopropanol based (formulation 2).

W-900 is a hard surface wipe containing a blend of quaternary ammonium compounds that is proven to destroy 99.9% of spores, bacteria and viruses.

C-125 is our general-purpose hard surface cleaner, which is ideal for use in jet washing, floor scrubbing and any other hard surface cleaning task

C-157 is our pumpable Heavy Duty Hand Cleanser that is designed to remove paint, resins (including GRP) and sticky adhesives. We are offering a 1 litre free sample with any delivery. Please ask when placing orders and a one litre free sample will be available free of charge.

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