Plastipeel on Safari

How do you protect an off-road vehicle against all the mechanical damage, water and humidity that true off-road adventures hurl at you? This was the question that Neil Hopkinson from Impala Adventures Limited needed to answer if he was to have any chance of keeping his off-road vehicles free of scratches and stone chips after bouncing through deserts and forests as well driving along river beds.

Impala Adventures are based in Lutterworth. For more than 25 years they have been creating bespoke adventures in exotic places such as Namibia, Botswana, Morocco, Spain, Russia and even the UK!

Coating Technologies Ltd (CTS) are based in the Cotswolds. CTS have been making peel-able coatings for over 40 years. Neil’s request was timely as CTS had just finished developing a water based yet water resistant peel-able coating.

Solvent based Peel-able “wrap” coatings have been around for some time, whereas making a tough weather and water-resistant coating as a water-based product took 5 years of hard work. The new product is called Plastipeel® and it is applied by spray, brush or roller and dries to make a clear, tough rubbery layer. After the vehicle has completed the adventure, the coating is simply peeled off so a fresh coating can be applied.

The picture shows Plastipeel 835 applied on the left half of the vehicle.

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