Incorrect use of peelable spray coatings

C-200 is a solvent based peel-able spray booth coating. Traditionally most spray booths are made from galvanised sheet metal and C-200 is designed to peel off most bare metal surfaces.

Recently we have noticed a few spray booth manufacturers have supplied spray booths made with powder coated panels. Many powder coated panels will be attacked by strong solvents (You may note that a standard cure test is the Acetone rub test where even a well cured panel will suffer some solvent attack (e.g. loss of gloss). Poorly cured panels can become very soft. Under these circumstances the strong solvent (Acetone) in C-200 will soften the powder coating underneath and the two coatings will become intimately bonded together with the result that the “peelable” paint will not peel!

The solution

When using peelable coatings of any sort it is very important to make a localised patch test before going ahead. Generally speaking if the spray booth has been coated you should NOT use a solvent based peelable but instead should use a water-based product such as our C-230 solvent free system. Even then patch test and leave the coating for several days and then check the peel properties.

The result

By patch testing first and preferably using our water based products, then the chance of having a problem peeling the coating from the spray booth can be virtually eliminated.

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