Case Studies

Plastipeel on Safari

How do you protect an off-road vehicle against all the mechanical damage, water and humidity that true off-road adventures hurl at you? This was the question that Neil Hopkinson from Impala Adventures Limited needed to answer if he was to

Removal of low level dust contamination

Any dust produced in Nuclear Power generation must not be released into the atmosphere. The problem was how to pick up low level dusts not collected by conventional techniques. The same challenge applies to the disposal of asbestos. In both

Removing dust from a powder coating oven

A Powder Coating Trade Coater had a quality problem with airborne dirt falling on the powder coated parts. The dirt was identified as sitting on the surface of the coating and was not evident when the parts entered the oven.

Solving lint contamination at a powder coater

A Powder Coating Trade Coater had a quality problem with contamination (mostly fibres) on coated pressed panels and galvanised panels. The investigation The Company uses a small box type washing machine for the smaller parts. This provides a light iron

Temporary protection of plough blades

A manufacturer of steel ploughs produced blades of polished steel. The challenge was to protect the blades while in store and on delivery to the customer. The solution The customer spray applied a single layer of C-215 solvent based peelable

Incorrect use of peelable spray coatings

C-200 is a solvent based peel-able spray booth coating. Traditionally most spray booths are made from galvanised sheet metal and C-200 is designed to peel off most bare metal surfaces. Recently we have noticed a few spray booth manufacturers have