Coating-Technologies is the principle operating division of C T Supplies Ltd, the other division being our toll manufacturing business. We are a manufacturing company situated in the Cotswolds which means we are in the middle of the UK and well placed to respond quickly to our customer’s needs.

CTS have been formulating and manufacturing speciality chemicals, coatings and impregnating textiles to produce Tack Cloths and Wipes at our Blockley site for thirty five years and have developed formidable expertise over the years.

The business started supplying maintenance products for paint spray shops, which is still one of our core businesses. As our technology developed we have entered other markets, including the asbestos removal industry and the nuclear industry. Here our Tack Cloths, that were originally developed to remove dust before painting, are very effective at safely capturing low levels of hazardous dust. Our range of peel-able coatings has evolved from spray booth linings to high performance protective plastic layers under our “Plastipeel” brand. The latest generation of these products are designed to protect cosmetic surfaces such as ceramic, plastic as well as painted or powder coated metal surfaces from mechanical damage when in transit or during assembly.

CTS have been supplying dichloromethane (DCM) based paint removers for many years. We have responded to our customer’s demands for improved, less environmentally hazardous materials, and now supply our C-400 “Jelly-strip” DCM free product for brush application. We also offer a range of hot strippers capable of removing a single layer of powder coating in under thirty minutes.

In addition to getting the paint off jigs and parts, CTS make high performance hand cleansers to remove sticky paint, adhesives, oils and grease from hard working hands.

Coating-Technologies have a flexible approach to tailoring our products to our end user’s needs. We are aware that not all surfaces are the same and we are prepared to work with our key customers to use our know how to tailor the products to give the required results.